Why you should book directly when booking a hotel in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

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Why you should book directly when booking a hotel in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

It is true that online travel companies make it simple for us to book hotels and compare prices, offerings, and amenities of various lodging accommodations. However, the reality is that there are also many benefits when you book hotels directly from the hotel website rather than picking from a third-party. Here are some reasons why one should book a room directly from a hotel in Sudbury when visiting Sudbury, Ontario, Canada:

1. Reasonable Prices

In many cases, those that book hotels directly from a hotel’s website receive the lowest rates. For example, those that book through an online travel agent or third party may end up paying more for their hotel room. This prevents individuals from getting deals that could be obtained if the room was booked directly through the hotel’s website. Booking through the Moonlight Inn hotel website ensures that you have the latest discounts and promotions.

2. Easy to Change Booking

If your flight is delayed, or canceled, or you have to change the plans at the last-minute, then you will be thankful if you booked your hotel directly with the hotel. Changing plans is easy when you book directly through the hotel. With a third-party company, you need to wait for hours to get a confirmation on changing your requested booking.

3. Special Promotions Benefits

Oftentimes a hotel will run a promotion that is not offered on third party travel company websites. Hotels often provide a variety of discounts and promotions based on seasonality. These promotions may not be offered on third party travel websites due to the cost of being listed on these hotel providers. The Moonlight Inn offers promotions to those looking for corporate accommodation, extended stays, snowmobile travel and motorcycle travel accommodation. Contact the Moonlight Inn for more details.

4. Request a Specific Room

When you book through a third-party agency, you may have limited room type options available. You may only get to choose the date of stay and your arrival time. But with direct booking, you can get a room according to your requests. The hotel staff gives you priority when you book directly from the hotel website.

If you are looking for accommodation in Sudbury, then book a room at the Moonlight Inn. We provide greater leeway for changes in plans and provide a better opportunity for a hassle-free, comfortable stay in Sudbury.

Contact the Moonlight Inn and Suites, Sudbury Ontario hotel today: 1-800-424-0321

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